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How Job Seekers Can Use Social Media to Stand Out in the Competitive Market and Secure Their Dream Job


Companies are becoming more Social-savvy, understanding the benefits of using Social Media to not only connect with potential employees and advertise job opportunities but also use it to screen candidates and test skill, creativity and honesty.

Here are 5+ tips to help you make that first impression count:
  1. Personal Branding and Death of the traditional resume – This is gradually being replaced by the breadth and depth of your personal brand.
    1. Your Klout score or Kred score will at some point find itself included on your resume and LinkedIn profile, and may even help you get your next promotion. Klout and Kred scores are all related to how influential you are on social media.
    2. LinkedIn profiles need to be up to date and complete. Optimise, optimise, optimise. Keywords are key! LinkedIn is also rolling out the Visual profile which will allow you to showcase projects and build a portfolio therefore bringing your personal brand to life! 
    3. In PWC personal branding for 2020 booklet, which they developed for their graduate recruitment drive – Personal branding includes your elevator pitch, talk yourself up, it’s up to you.
  1. If you want that job, get ready to game – Deloitte are already doing it with their Leadership Academy and BBR Saatchi & Saatchi did it in Israel with multiplayer game Diablo iii to win a meet and greet with the CEO with their campaign Hell of a Job, and Marriott Hotels have their Facebook recruitment game with leader board based on the Sims and Farmville.
The technology research firm Gartner, Inc predicts that 70% of Global 2000 businesses will be managing at least one gamified application or system by 2014.
  1. Get creative in your application - You don’t have to be in the “creative” industries to get creative with your CV. As employers focus on their social and online presence, candidates have to think of new ways in which to engage and stand out from the crowd.
    1. Taking the lead from innovative applicants like Shawn McTigue, who made a 2:50 video as part of his application to a MasterCard internship, more workers will take a creative approach to marketing their experience.

    2. Or build yourself a campaign site like Lindsay Blackwell
  1. It’s speeding up so don’t miss out – Use Social Media platforms to connect with the companies you want to be part of so you can be one of the first to know when jobs are posted. Follow them on LinkedIn, like them on Facebook and engage with them on Twitter. If you want to become visible, stand out from the crowd and make the first move.
  1. It’s who you know – When asked about how they rated the quality of candidates, recruiters asked in a Jobvite 2012 survey stated that the highest quality candidates came from referrals.  So, develop your profile by making connections and joining relevant networks, and if you see a job you like and know someone there, ask them to refer or recommend you.
But beware…

Used well, Social Media is highly beneficial or even essential for landing you a new job. Used poorly, it instantly eliminates your chances.  
Think what you have on your Facebook page now and how accessible it is. Either lock it down or clean it up.

To learn more about how Companies are using Social Media to find and filter the best recruits.

Kat Holgate, Strategic Solutions Manager





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