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Social Media Statistics May 2013, Australia and New Zealand


Hello statistics fans and welcome to winter! Find somewhere warm and get comfortable, it’s time to review the statistics and changes in Social Media platforms for May!

Starting with the big one, Facebook has remained steady this month in both countries, pushing back against the rumours that it is losing users.  While still number 2 in NZ, the platform is on the heels of YouTube, only 0.05% of the population behind.  

How does Facebook to continue to gain numbers?  Partly because the younger generation come of age and they join the platform. But would you believe the fastest growing demographic on Social Media are seniors, 74 years and older. Forbes reports that there are 39 million people (globally) aged 65 and older using Facebook, Twitter and Skype. So not only do you have to worry about your parents stalking you on Facebook, your grandparents are on there now too!   

According to our stats, LinkedIn has suffered a slight dip this month. However, LinkedIn reports that Australia has over 4 million members and New Zealand over 800,000.
Continuing on from last month, blogging platforms Tumblr and WordPress aren’t slowing in popularity. WordPress turned 10 this month and is now so much more than a blogging platform. The Content Management System reportedly now powers 18% of the internet with about 60 million websites around the world.

Surprisingly, Flickr is still on our Social Media radar. The platform increased slightly in Australia, remained steady in New Zealand, and can be attributed to the release of their updated and refreshed layout. The platform now has a cover photo, much like all the major platforms these days, and a new look for album - not too different from the way Pinterest displays there images. Flickr states that they stand out against Instagram because of high-resolution that aren’t forcibly cropped. The platform also provides 1TB of storage for every user.

What ever happened to the new MySpace? While visually appealing, the fans of the old MySpace have been disregarded as fan bases created by bands in the old version have been erased. Bands and record labels who built audiences using MySpace, have had to start over again. And they aren’t happy.  

TripAdivsor has continued to decrease this month, as it has in the months following the platforms explosion in February.
Twitter and Foursquare saw decreases in the number of users this month. While there is no clear reason for the drop in popularity, both platforms (as well as Instagram) rely mainly on mobile statistics which are still relatively hard to come by. This means the numbers for these platforms can never be 100% accurate.

What are the predicted changes for June?

As we avoid the cooler weather with less motivation to go outside, I predict that we will spend more time on the lounge and on Social Media. Users will spend more time on the more timely and more visual platforms. Watch out for rises in Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (and maybe Flickr too) and drops in Twitter.
Next month’s stats blog will be the 12th in the series and the final for 2013/2013 financial year. Stay tuned for a jam packed review for the year that was!  






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