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Christchurch City Council: Make your mark tomorrow
Christchurch City Council: Are you ready to make your mark?

Being involved means more when you’re being involved in something that will be remembered…

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Make your mark on tomorrow


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The idea of ‘making your mark’ speaks of the importance and significance of projects of which the Council will be involved in post-earthquake Christchurch. Being involved means being involved in something that will be remembered. A slice of history – New Zealand’s and the worlds.

We created an employment brand that sits under the Council’s identity, encompasses Council values and provides a cohesive look to all employment communication. It is applicable in both generic and role-specific recruitment situations; cutting-through in a very competitive market place.

The result is a brand that reflects the EVP and ensures what the Council is saying in their recruitment advertising mirrors the reality when new people start. By using real Council employees, the brand also generates a real sense of pride.

These were promoted using a variety of both internal collateral and external media including print and online advertisements.